Monday, May 23, 2011

Etsy Gold

It's sooo hard to search for things on Etsy that don't look home made and are a little bit design- esque. But if you look long and hard there will always be something. Here are a few of my recent finds...

Baby Leggings by Thief & Bandit 
These are actual leggings, not those weird leg warmer things (seriously what are they like? What about the top of the babies thighs? I don't get them), I got a pair for my baby and they are really nice. I have a thing for printed leggings.
Monkey Long Legs Toys by Sally Nencini
These are pretty cute, hand knitted and embroidered,there are a few colour options. She also makes wool cushions with childish graphics, would be good for a sweet themed nursery or kids room.
This however is possibly the best thing I have found on Etsy so far! It's a vase in the shape of a root, it sits upon a wall looking peaceful and weird. This is definitely on my wishlist! Get one here.

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