Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas 2012 Gift Guide for Toddlers

Ok so you may have noticed my absence lately. My other business is booming so I have less and less time these days. At some point I hope to be able to make more time again but for now you will have to put up with intermittent posts. But this one is a pretty big one!

My first Christmas gift guide for little ones, mostly based on what I have bought my girl. But mostly a whole lot of really cool things I like. I hope you enjoy this!

I absolutely love this Early Rider bike and it is the present my daughter is getting this year. I am not sure I have seen a cooler balance bike actually. They are sent from Australia and arrive super fast. I can not wait to assemble this on Christmas day!

These are so beautiful and made in NZ by hand. I'm sorry but I bought the very last of the Peppin ones (on the right) for my daughters birthday. Buy them here. Oh and there are unicorn versions too!

I'm sad to say I am not buying this sandpit. Another NZ made product and one of the nicest I have seen. With a lid that turns into seats, it's pretty much perfect. Order them through Trade Me here.
These are some books on my Book Depository wish list, some classics and some graphic style ones. 

All from Der Klein Salon, these are my pics from their Christmas section.

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Yels said...

Awesome list! I am totally in love with that sandpit. They have one at the daycare center that my two year old attends. I think I will be getting one of these for my boys this Christmas. Your daughter is a lucky little girl, thats a pretty cool bike! Yels x