Saturday, August 18, 2012

Recommendations Please

Hello lovely followers, I am off to Sydney next month and I would love to hear your recommendations for all things kid friendly - restaurants, cafes, parks, shopping etc.
Plus any amazing design stores of course. x Claire

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dulce said...

At Darling Harbour playground there is a lovely water play area with pumps and buckets, we put our girls in their suitsuits, it was such a highlight! And the Australian Museum has a room for children which worked well on the rainy day we had there. Also catching the ferry to Watsons bay then strolling 5 minutes to gorgeous Camp Cove for a swim. And of course the zoo. We also went to a couple of swimming pools, they were so child friendly, bubble pools etc. And they loved Ikea, which was surprising! The trains and ferries were huge highlights. I've been told Fox Studio is child friendly though we didn't make it there. x