Saturday, July 28, 2012

Knitted Cabinets

I am totally in love with these cabinets! Made by designer Beril Cicek from Turkey but based in Milan. Design Boom explains it better than I can...

Each of the cabinets are made from a wooden frame, enveloped by a knit cover, reminiscent of a sweater. the details of the storage units feature 
indications of their specific function. for example, the clothes cabinet has button details that are used to open and close it, 
as if one is dressing and undressing the wardrobe, whereas the shoe cabinet features rope which implies the tying of footwear. The 'ull' units are movable, allowing users to easily transport them between spaces via an incorporated wooden handle. 
the legs easily twist on and off and fit into small pockets which have been knit into the cabinet's exterior.
easily collapsible, acting as one's luggage.

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