Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Pack or Ruck Sack

By request I bring you a selection of out of the ordinary back packs, not really for kids but why not?

1. The Peter Jensen Rucksack - I've had my eye on this for a long time. They seem to re issue it in different colours all the time, the best one was pink and red. Buy them here.
2. Baggu do some really sweet basic bags, there are loads of colour options and some cute stripes. Locally you can sometimes find them on Once'it (let me know if you need an invite) or from Australia on The Iconic.
3. Petite by Sophie Schnoor does some cute back packs, I love this one on the right and it is on sale here.

4. Who knew The North Face did pretty back packs? Buy them here.
5. And lastly there is a really great selection of backpacks on the Urban Outfitters site.
Aside from backpacks there is always the Cambridge Satchel.

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