Tuesday, October 4, 2011

High Chairs

I have been holding out for a while on doing this post until I could definitely say our High chair was good. We have had a Stokee Tripp Trapp for many months but have only been using it for about six weeks. We chose it mainly because we didn't want a massive ugly piece of furniture taking up space after we stopped using it. So we got a Tripp Trapp that can go from a high chair to an adult seat. We love it and would totally recommend it. The only downside is that there are heaps of add ons which can make the price get pretty high.

Since our baby has been in a high chair we are starting to use other high chairs in cafés and realising that a lot of them are total crap. But one that is amazing is the Handysitt. We have been using this lately at our favourite cafe and like it so much we have decided to buy one for when we are out and about visiting family or just at cafés. It's really sturdy but also really expensive. But there are a few available on Trade Me at half price, so be quick if you want one!

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